Extreme Geocaching in the Northland and Beyond


Geocaching is an outdoor adventure that can test both body and mind.  This is a sport that can be enjoyed by both young and old.  Armed with a GPS, location coordinates, and clues you are off to find your hidden treasure lurking in the woods up north.


Extreme Geocaching cranks this sport up a notch or two, to make the hunt for treasure involve more demanding challenges:



Scaling a rock face or climbing a tree, say sixty or more feet above the ground; diving into the frigid waters of Lake Superior with scuba gear; spelunking caves, tunnels, or culverts; crossing over various obstacles; fording, zip-lining or kayaking streams; snowshoeing or cross-country skiing in the back woods to shovel a cache out of the snow; or pedaling on a bike trail to nab over fifty caches in a day on a power trail.



Deciphering logic puzzles; solving logic problems in the field; using special light sources to illuminate a tack trail while doing a night cache in the deep woods; spotting cache containers so well-camouflaged they blend into their environment and disappear.


This talk will share some of the more memorable caches in the area with high difficulty ratings and power trails we have traveled via bike, snowshoe or hiking trail.  We will also arm you with suggested preparedness advice on equipment and tools to bring with you on your treks.