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Product Review (submitted on April 5, 2010):

When I opened the box, it was exactly what I had imagined, until I put it on. The buckles at the bottom of the straps, dug into my ribs. I knew that they were going hurt me, but I was still surprised at how much. After my first three mile snowshoe trip I didn’t ever want to see the thing again. It was OK to wear with a heavy coat, so I kept taking it on trips, hoping it would break in. It didn’t seem to me that there was anything that was going to make those buckles become comfortable. I wore the pack around the house doing chores for three months, and I gradually noticed the pain had changed to an irritation. Even though it is a great pack, if it is irritating to wear, it is not going to get worn. I stayed with it, and at about month four, it suddenly became completely comfortable. Now I love it.
On a recent trip to Arches, I had a fellow hiker comment that it was the kind of pack Lewis and Clark might have had. I enjoy the obvious sold construction and the classic style.
It belongs out of doors, and if that is where I am, it’s with me. I don’t even notice it back there. It has almost become a part of me.