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Hi all!
I have owned two DP "wanderer" packs for nearly five years. I have used my wanderer to travel from Utah to Duluth and further north to deer camp for the past two years and plan on the doing the trek again, this November. I ALWAYS have to stop in to DP at Canal Park on the waterfront of Lake Superior to what they have new in stock. The wanderer is an 'all-around' versatile pack that equaly the reputation of any other pack that DP has in its inventory. In addition, it is a fantastic pack to take as your only 'carry-on' to the aircraft and easily stowes under your seat or in the storage bins above your seat. Do not delay...get the wanderer today! You will not be you will not be for ANY of Duluth Pack's products! Incidentally, I have a 'drafters" bag that I purchased from DP over 13 years ago and it is still going strong. Yes, the leather has weathered and matured (only making it look better), the zipper broke once, and a top panel had to be replaced as the material wore out, but it was all repaired free of charge. The only thing I paid was for the shipping back west. Yes, I am a former Duluthian from the late 50s but will still not purchase any other pack on the market. These packs are not inexpensive. However, I always rely on the old saying, "You get what you pay for." In this instance (and all instances at DP), you DO get what you pay for - unequalled quality and fine craftsmanship!