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Classic Carry-On

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Classic Carry-On

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Product Review (submitted on November 27, 2011):

Like most of the reviewers, I have lived out of this bag for the last five years, and it has easily been the best purchase I've ever made. It's gotten me through the last year of college, two years teaching (at rough schools too), two years of office work, dozens of business trips (unlike harder carry-ons it'll work under the seat in front of me as well as overhead, in case I need it mid-flight to work), and more road trips than I can remember. And it still looks respectable enough that I don't hesitate to bring it into meetings with our CEO. Whenever I go anywhere for a week or less, this bag is the only thing I take. When I go shooting or hunting, it works for that too. Enough room for clothes, shoes in the outside (real buckle) pockets, laptop and work papers, plus anything else I'd need. It's spacious enough that I can easily overpack for a business trip even if this is all I bring. I've been a fan of the one-bag philosophy for a while, and this one fits the bill. Five years in it's only cost me 9.5 cents a day for this bag, and it's the most reliable investment I've made.