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Sparky Bag

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Sparky Bag

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Product Review (submitted on June 17, 2009):

Strong leather-backed straps and rivets make this a very sturdy day pack. Full-open zip front and side pockets are well sized and placed for quick access. Great for what it is - but extending the bottom down 3 inches, adding aluminum stays (to distribute shoulder-to-belt load) and a good cinch belt (to keep it moving with your body stride) would transform this sparky bag into a sparky weekender. So well made it can take the weight, but jumping creeks or bouldering up slopes begs it to swing like a pendulum. Great product for flat trail, and great if that meets you needs. This day pack is primmed to become a weekender backpack for hunters and trail blazers. If you'd like the same product, no time like the present to let Duluth Pack know these simple changes would do it.