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Gransfors Mini Belt Hatchet

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Gransfors Mini Belt Hatchet

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Product Review (submitted on October 15, 2010):

Have had mine for a few months now and have used it to get several small cooking fires going, made some tent poles and stakes, and other camp chores. This hatchet is really quite handy, and so light that I carry it on all my day hikes now as well as on overnighters. True to the Gransfors Bruks reputation, it comes sharp as the devil so it chops better than you expect. Light enough to use like a knife in prepping some foods. Very nicely made. The piece of hickory they used for the helve has beautiful grain, and in all the right places. Really, just perfect. Some folks complain about the GB masks and, admittedly, it's not a good design for carrying something this sharp on your belt. Other than that, and for carrrying in a Duluth Pack, it's fine.