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Heavy Duty #4 Duluth Packs - Canoe Pack

Item S-414 | Made in USA & Guaranteed for Life

Price: $365.00
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Made in USA

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Full Description

If you are happy with the simple but elegant features of the Original Duluth Pack, but could really use some extra protection from repetitive intense use, look no further. The Heavy Duty Duluth Packs have all the same great features of the Original, but are instead constructed from an 18-ounce heavy-duty canvas. In addition, both the #3 and #4 size options are built with double bottoms, high quality roller buckles, and extra beefy 1-inch riveted leather flap straps. Each pack includes a 6ml replaceable poly liner and tumpline. Made in USA.

Technical Specifications

Item No. S-413 #3 Heavy Duty

  • Dimensions: 26H x 28W
  • Capacity: 5,330 cubic inches : 87.34L
  • Construction: 18 oz canvas, envelope style design, double bottom, double sewn side seams, leather reinforcements for all rivets and high stress seams, leather 1-inch flap straps, includes M-211 poly liner

Item No. S-414 #4 Heavy Duty

  • Dimensions: 26H x 28W x 6D
  • Capacity: 7,920 cubic inches : 129.79L
  • Construction: 18 oz canvas, box pack design, double bottom, double sewn side seams, leather reinforcements for all rivets and high stress seams, leather 1-inch flap straps, includes M-215 poly liner, compatible with 24” basket,

History of this Product

The Heavy Duty #3 and #4 were both developed in response to the demanding prolonged use that the typical outfitter portage pack experiences. While our Original Duluth Pack was more than adequate for a majority of our customers, our canoe trip outfitter friends needed something that could withstand the day in and day out rigors of tough portaging and bushwhacking all season long.

Craftsmanship and Guarantee

All of our handmade packs and bags are built to last in Duluth, Minnesota, USA. Our factory, where we have been building our products since 1911, is home to an extremely talented group of sewers, riveters, and leather craftspeople. Each piece of Duluth Pack gear is painstakingly built by hand with the attention and detail that only a true artisan can provide. We stand behind our work and are proud to offer a lifetime warranty covering all craftsmanship and hardware we use in the construction of our products. Craftsmanship includes our sewing and riveting. Hardware includes all zippers, buckles, D-rings, snaps, and any other parts utilized in the manufacturing of our bags. If at anytime during the life of your Duluth Pack product you have problems in these areas, return the product and it will be repaired free of charge. If the product cannot be repaired due to a defect in craftsmanship or faulty hardware, we will be happy to replace the item at Duluth Pack’s discretion. While your Duluth Pack item is designed to provide you with many years of use, Duluth Pack is not responsible for common wear and tear or misuse of your product and is therefore not covered by our warranty. Of course, damages not covered under warranty can usually be repaired at a minimal cost. We sincerely value your patronage and will always do our absolute best to go the extra mile to ensure that you are happy with every Duluth Pack purchase.

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