January 29 Forward: The First Unsupported American Expedition to the North Pole with Tyler Fish

On a perfect day in March, 2009, with the temperature hovering near -40 degrees Fahrenheit, John Huston and Tyler Fish stepped off the North American continent and onto the frozen, jumbled surface of the Arctic Ocean. The two seasoned adventurers had their sights set on one goal: to travel under their own power to the North Pole without resupply. If they succeeded, they’d be the first Americans to do so. Join Tyler Fish as he shares with us their nearly two month and 500 mile trek hauling 300-pound sleds that contained everything they needed to survive. Their book, Forward: The First American Unsupported Expedition to the North Pole will also be available

Bio – Tyler Fish has spent his professional career at Outward Bound, where he now serves as a staffing director. He is also a wilderness guide, motivational speaker and cross-country ski coach. As a polar explorer, he has completed two major expeditions on the Arctic Ocean. He lives in Ely, Minnesota with his wife and son. For more information, visit northpole19.com.