How do I clean my Duluth Pack?

We do not recommend putting our packs in a washing machine as it may have the potential to compromise the integrity of the bag.  We do recommend washing our packs by hand with a mild detergent (i.e. unscented hand soap, dish detergent, etc.). Click here for detailed instructions.

What do I do if my Duluth Pack gets wet?

Let your pack air dry completely in a well ventilated area. Also remember to condition your leather!

Where do I send my Duluth Pack for repairs?

Send your repair to: 1610 W Superior St, Duluth, MN 55806. Please remember to include a note with your contact information, mailing address, and a description of what repairs you would like us to do. We will give you a call for any estimates, and we will not repair your pack until you approve them.

What is your return policy?

We will accept returns within 30 days of purchase as long as the item is still in a new, and unused, condition. When sending your return in, please include the invoice with the back filled out, or a note with your contact information, mailing address, and whether you are looking for a credit or an exchange. We will pay the ground shipping to send back exchanges within the continental United States.

I received a Duluth Pack as a gift, but I don't have a receipt. Can I return it?

First, call our Customer Service staff at 800-777-4439. We may be able to look up the transaction if the person who bought it ordered it online or with our Customer Service staff. If we cannot find the order, you may send the bag back to us and we will inspect the bag to ensure it is still new and unused, and will then determine if we can accept it. When sending your bag back please remember to include a note with your contact information and if you are looking for credit or an exchange. Without a receipt we can only give the lowest sales price as store credit.

How do I check the status of my order?

While we try to keep order statuses as up to date as possible, busy times can create a slight delay. Call us at 800-777-4439 or email us at to check on your order status!

Do you give tours?

We do! We recommend coming in Monday-Thursday as most of our Production Team does not work on Fridays. The best time would be after lunch! For tours please call ahead to set up a time at 800-777-4439.

Are duties/fees for international orders covered in your prices?

At this time any duties, taxes, or fees are the responsibility of the recipient to pay upon picking up your order. These are not included in our pricing.

What is waxed canvas?

Our Waxed Canvas comes to us pretreated with a Paraffin based wax which helps to resist water/moisture. Although the wax is very water resistant, it is not waterproof. We currently offer the Waxed Canvas in one color: dark khaki. We like to describe it as the color of wet beach sand.

Custom Orders - What we can and cannot do.

First, we want to make everyone aware that custom orders are final and non-returnable. Our Lifetime Warranty will still be in affect.

The following upgrades/changes can be made easily: upgrade the shoulder straps to leather/padded leather, embroideries/monogramming, adding a grab handle, change trim or hardware color, add lashing tabs/d-rings. Other changes may be possible as well, and we encourage you to call with any requests or questions.

Things we will not do: change dimension sizes or combine too many features from various packs into one (one or two may be ok depending upon the request).

If you would like us to make you a brand new item that we have not made before it will be a ‘prototype’. Prototypes can start at a minimum of $500 and the true cost will depend on the time it will take us to create a pattern, make prototypes for you to approve, and then go through our rigorous Quality Control.