Wetterlings Swedish Axe Works

Wetterlings Swedish Axe Works Since 1880, Wetterlings has produced a unique line of quality axes, making it the oldest axe forger in Sweden. Currently, Wetterlings produces an array of backcountry, forest, and splitting axes made of Swedish carbon alloy steel heads and American hickory handles.

Unique in shape and function, Wetterlings products are slightly thicker than other axes in the market, making them favored for their ability to both split and chop wood. With its light head and long elegant handle, there is no other axe like it on the market.

Not only does Wetterlings have a strong commitment to quality and design, but they also have demonstrated a commitment to the environment. Since March of 2012, the Wetterlings factory has been completely energy self sufficient through the use of environmentally friendly waterpower.

Located two hours north of Stockholm in Storvik, Sweden, Wetterlings will join a strong line of niche European outdoor products offered by Sport Hansa, which includes Helle Norwegian knives and Kupilka camping dishware of Finland.

Made in Sweden.

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  1. Wetterlings Compact Hatchet

    Wetterlings Compact Hatchet

    Price: $109.00

  2. Wetterlings Small Hunting Axe

    Wetterlings Small Hunting Axe

    Price: $119.00

  3. Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe

    Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe

    Price: $129.00

  4. Wetterlings Swedish Forest Axe

    Wetterlings Swedish Forest Axe

    Price: $139.00

  5. Wetterlings Appalachian Forest Axe

    Wetterlings Appalachian Forest Axe

    Price: $199.00

  6. Wetterlings Small Splitting Axe

    Wetterlings Small Splitting Axe

    Price: $139.00

  7. Wetterlings Splitting Maul

    Wetterlings Splitting Maul

    Price: $179.00

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