Bending Branches Sun Shadow Crank Wood Kayak Paddle

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Bending Branches Sun Shadow Crank Wood Kayak Paddle

Item W-826

Bending Branches
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Price: $259.95

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Price: $259.95
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Product Description

These wood kayak paddles offer a natural flex
and softness that is easy on the body and hands, entering and exiting the water quietly with a smooth profiled front and back face that is otherwise only available in the most expensive of synthetic paddles. Each paddle also offers two-piece construction with stainless steel snap buttons for breakdown and precision composite ferrules.

This wood crankshaft is completely unique in
paddlesports. Engineered to ergonomically align the wrists during the power stroke, this shaft allows you to paddle for hours with more comfort and less fatigue. Available in 3 blade designs (Day, Evening, or Twilite).

Wood Type: Basswood, Black Willow, Alder
Shaft: 21 Laminate Basswood
Day: 41.5 oz
Evening: 40.5oz
Twilite: 38oz
Blade Size:
Day: 6.8” x 19”
Evening: 5.75” x 21”
Twilite: 5.2” x 19”
Lengths (cm): 210, 220, 230, 240
*Evening not available in 210
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Full Description

  • Choosing the Right KAYAK Paddle Depends Upon:

  • * The kayak you are using (length, width and weight)
  • * Your height and level of fitness
  • * Paddling conditions (typical size of lake or river, wind, current, etc.)
  • * The length of outing
  • * Other personal preferences
  • Style, Blade Shape and Surface Area

  • * High-angle paddlers keep the shaft more vertical during their stroke and typically use a shorter, wider blade and a shorter kayak paddle. This allows a more powerful, athletic stroke.
  • * A low-angle stroke keeps the kayak paddle relatively horizontal as you paddle. Paddlers that use this less fatiguing stroke often use a longer, thinner blade.
  • * Smaller paddlers and those that are not in speed choose blades with less surface area; those that want more power and desire a bigger "bite" on the water go for larger blades.
  • * All of Bending Branches blades use a dihedral shape, a shallow v-shaped cross section, which makes them pull smoothly through the water without flutter.
  • Blade Materials

  • Injection-molded blades provide the perfect blend of weight and durability; ideal for those that find themselves often pushing off rocks and gravel bars. Nylon or polypropylene blades, reinforced with glass are perfect for all conditions.
  • Traditionalists like the buoyancy and superior stiffness of wood blades, even though they are slightly heavier than plastic.
  • Shaft Material

  • Aluminum shafts are inexpensive strong and light, ideally suited to beginners. Upgrading to a fiberglass shaft will deliver an optimal feel of warmth on the hands and lightweight to improve your endurance. Bending Branches stiff efficient and responsive carbon shafts dramatically reduce weight, allowing for longer paddling with less fatigue.
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